Finally finished Andy Weir's novel. Here's what was running through my head.
  1. I wish I was on a planet all by myself.
  2. Ew, I hate all forms of potatoes except French fries.
  3. Can Watney not figure out how to make French fries?
    He's a brilliant scientist for God's sake!
  4. How did he have enough discipline to frequently journal?
    Every time I start a journal, I quit after two entries.
  5. Shouldn't he have been more scared of aliens?
    I know he's a scientist, but if I was alone in space, a fear of extra terrestrials would creep in by Sol 50.
  6. I wonder if I could make it through NASA's training.
  7. I could never make it through NASA's training.
    Way too much physical labor.
  8. Why does he not cry more?
    I'd be the biggest cry baby on the planet... Literally.
  9. I'm glad I'm not on a planet all by myself.