My life in numbers
  1. 1 semester until I graduate college
    Adulthood is just waiting there like the grim reaper???! But also v exciting
  2. 2 puppies
  3. 3 cheeseburgers I eat per week, on average
  4. 4 outfits I try on before finally choosing one, on average
  5. 5 tattoos
    I go with my dad every time (not matching)! Father-daughter bonding to the extreme
  6. 6 times I've watched the TV series Will & Grace in full
    Grace Adler is my spirit animal
  7. 7 colors I've dyed my hair
  8. 8 times my dad texts me a political meme or Seinfeld quote per day
  9. 9 musicals I've been in
  10. 10 episodes of an original TV series I will have written by the end of this semester