From incredible to still pretty cool. Aware that not all Paul Rudd roles were used.
  1. Everyday Paul Rudd
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    Marry me plz
  2. Lip Sync Battle Paul Rudd
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    Tina Turner and Queen?!!? UGH yes
  3. Josh, Clueless
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    Class A boyfriend minus the whole pseudo-brother aspect.
  4. Andy, Wet Hot American Summer
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    Too cool for school and just cool enough for me.
  5. Chuck, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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    "When life gives you lemons, just say 'fuck the lemons' and bail." A philosophy I can get behind.
  6. Pete, This Is 40/Knocked Up
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    I strongly identify with anyone who would eat a cupcake out of the trash.
  7. Mike Hannigan, FRIENDS
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    Love how much he loves Phoebe. Will never get over that time he tried to change his name to Crap Bag, though.
  8. Brian Fantana, Anchorman
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    I'm kind of afraid to find out what sex panther smells like.
  9. Ant-Man
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    Paul Rudd is always a superhero in my book.
  10. George Gergenblatt, Wanderlust
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    A level of cynicism that I employ on a daily basis.
  11. Bobby Newport, Parks and Recreation
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    You want to hate him because he's competing against Leslie Knope but you just CANT!