not sure how much use this list will actually get but YA NEVER KNOW
  1. Basically any sitcom that has ever been on TV
    I've probably watched it at least 3x
  2. The New England Patriots
    also recommended conversation opener for meeting my dad (am I right @ctfishman ???)
  3. The artistic genius of Shia LaBeouf
  4. How uncomfortable you're feeling after non-ironically liking Justin Bieber's last album
  5. Weezer & other 90's grunge bands
    Named my golden retriever after Rivers Cuomo so
  6. Puppies
    see above
  7. How sad you still are about Amy Winehouse
    RIP ❤️
  8. Stand-up comedy
  9. Top 10 karaoke song choices
    could make or break you
  10. Christian Bale
  11. The evolution of rap/hip-hop
  12. Left Wing politics
    not sorry
  13. Hatred of gender roles
  14. The perfect cheeseburger
    Have thought v seriously about this for some time now
  15. Jon Hamm's impeccable comedic cameos