making this list while procrastinating applying for a real job
  1. Dunder Mifflin, The Office
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    a given
  2. Pawnee Parks and Recreation Dept, Parks & Rec
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  3. Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Mad Men
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  4. Writer's Staff of TGS (NBC), 30 Rock
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  5. Atlantis Cable News, The Newsroom
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  6. Sacred Heart Hospital, Scrubs
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  7. Olivia Pope & Associates, Scandal
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  8. Dragonfly Inn, Gilmore Girls
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  9. US Congress, House of Cards
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    Terrifying but still into it
  10. TelAmeriCorp, Workaholics
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    TBH awful workplace but cool people. feeling like I could cut out early 99% of the time
  11. Sheriffs office in Twin Peaks
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    ya know besides the creepy murders and dark beings in the forest, I would love to work with Lucy and Sheriff Truman:)))
    Suggested by @torihyder