Not usually the star of the show, but you never know
  1. Frank Costanza, Seinfeld
  2. Creed, The Office
  3. Mr Furley, Three's Company (Furley Version)
  4. Mrs Roper, Three's Company (Roper Version)
  5. Sophia, The Golden Girls
  6. Arthur Spooner, The King of Queens {maybe I have a Jerry Stiller thing)
  7. Barb, The New Adventures of Old Christine
  8. Frank Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond
  9. Moe, The Simpsons
  10. Tom Haverford, Parks and Rec
  11. Johnny Bravo, The Brady Bunch
  12. Scott Disick, Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  13. Wow, I really watch a lot of crap.