1. My face starts to feel numb
    And from what I'm gathering from people I hangout with, your nose and lips feeling tingly is not a totally normal thing
  2. I spontaneously giggle
    I rarely drink so when I actually do and I feel a little buzzed and I realize that being buzzed is actually happening, I can't help but giggle
  3. My dislike of drinks that taste like alcohol fades
    1st drink - Needs to be fruity and sweet. 2nd drink - Still need some sweetness. 3rd drink - Well that's sweet enough I guess. 4th drink - My mouth is numb I don't even care anymore.
  4. I become very aware of how my lips move
    As I eat or drink while I'm buzzed I can't help but be aware of my lips and how they work and why. Could be because they feel tingly. Who knows.
  5. My face embarrassingly glows
    After drinking I look like Mrs. Claus
  6. I walk like a baby giraffe
    I try to play it cool but I'm sure me trying to play it cool just makes it worse