1. One of my childhood nicknames was Weasel.
    Not sure if it was because of my weasely nature or love of Pauly Shore. Probably both.
  2. I have permanent jam on my chest.
    I have little red moles all over my chest. An old Boyfriend noticed them while we were eating breakfast. He tried to wipe them off because he thought I spilt jam on myself. He referred to them as my jam.
  3. I used to have a cat tail
    I used to pin a costume cat tail on the back of my pants and ride my bike. My dad told me not to because he was afraid of it getting caught on the spokes. He was right and I got my first goose egg.
  4. I'm very much a Libra ;)
    Will smith and I share the same birthday, also the same charisma.
  5. I change my hair compulsively
    If I died and went to "hair heaven" I would probably look like Michelle Pfeiffer in BATMAN RETURNS
  6. Cats might be the only thing that make me believe in God
    My only ambition in life was to have a cat. Sometimes I feel like if people secretly watched me interact with my cats around my home all day they might organize and intervention. I'm frightened and completely fulfilled at the same time all day. (Help)
  7. I have a tattoo
    That no one would probably notice if I didn't point it out.
  8. I love meeting people's parents