1. 2nd appearance of guitar playing guy in MAD MAX
    All of a sudden there's a time jump to night scene and shot of guy still playing guitar and you think of how exhausted he must be.
  2. In BABY MAMA when Amy Pohler's character grabs both her pockets in an overtly fane gesture to give Tina Fey's character some money
  3. In WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER , the part where Ken Marinos character is driving to fuck Abby. He's driving in the van and singing, then all of a sudden screams and drives into a tree.
  4. A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD. Rob Delaney is in it. Art an end of the world party. They are drunk. They mention doing heroin. He says "yeah heroin! I want to die of an overdose while listening to Radiohead.