1. Elizabeth Berkeley
    I google her every few years but forget, just like the rest of the world. Ba-dum-bum CHING!
  2. IFC
    Why don't more people subscribe to that? It's almost better than Netflix because they choose for you and it's always good and interesting. I'm going to find out how to get that.
  3. Will Ferrell
    Watched a documentary and was envisioning WF starring in a spoof feature film version. I needed to jog my memory and possibly rewatch a few. I'm currently downloading (legally of course) THE OTHER GUYS, TALLADEGA NIGHTS, and STEP BROTHERS.
  4. "Strong acne drug"
    Forgot the name of the stuff I took in high school to clear up my face. It's called Acutane. My face is now as smooth as porcelain but I am no longer able to bear children. So it's a win win.
  5. Target
    Needs some lamps, and a life