1. Line your pans with parchment paper, that way you don't have to wash the pan! Save the water you would have used to soak and scrub
  2. Don't drain the tub after your bath. You can use it to water plants or handwash clothes you can put in the machine
  3. Get a bucket to catch rain. Use the water later
  4. Don't wash your car obsessively, DAD. Take it out for a free wash when it rains
  5. If it's yellow let it mellow
  6. If you're doing the ALC ice bucket challenge use ocean water
  7. If you don't sweat then you don't need a shower everyday. You especially don't need to wash your hair. Besides slightly greasy hair almost always looks better
  8. If you give you animals fresh water everyday like I do use the old water for plants
  9. When brushing your teeth turn off the tap and walk around w the brush in your mouth. You're teeth will get a better clean too
  10. If you see an old person cleaning their driveway with a hose, start a convo with them. Educate them. Remember, just because they're old does not make them sweet. If they turn out to be an asshole take comfort in the fact that their out of date mentality will die off with them. And the world will be rid of those racist water wasters.