It's Saturday and I had nothing to do and lots of food in the fridge, so back off.
  1. Strawberry and Nutella crepes with a strip of whip cream on top
  2. Many glasses of a pre-brewed cold tea infusion I've been making: Boil a gallon of water, cut up fresh ginger root and add, add 4 tea bags of mint tea, 4 tea bags of green tea, 2 tbs if honey, and torn up fresh mint. Chill in the fridge then add lemon juice. And since all of that tastes "too real"I add a packet of all natural powdered lemonade.
  3. Leftover Mexican food/practically amazing bean dip from going out the night before to celebrate my friends bday at a place called in NoHo called "Salsa and Beer."
  4. Meatloaf, corn on the cob, and watermelon salad. Watermelon salad recipe: cube watermelon, drizzle olive oil over, squeeze juice from two lemons, salt, pepper, half a cup of feta cheese, and lots of torn up fresh basil leaves.
  5. Almost forgot...DRUGS!!!.....started day with two cups of coffee, had half an adderall, took some hash oil later in the evening.
  6. Homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies with a glass of whole milk
  7. You're dads balls.
  8. Bit of toothpaste and cat hair