It's really I didn't finish them because they we so boring I couldn't go on but I'm dramatic like that so...
  1. House of Dies Drear in 5th grade
    This is absolutely not a book you should give 5th graders. Potentially the most boring book I've ever attempted to read. Let me tell you how much I hated this book. So my best friend was the fastest reader in the class so being a sneaky little kid I always waited for her to finish reading and wait a couple of minutes so it would be believable that I read the assigned portion for that day. I elected to stare into space for 20 minutes everyday rather than attempt to read this book.
  2. Tuesdays with Morrie in 9th grade (I think)
    One of the more overrated books I've tired reading. It's probably bc I don't like this genre but never make me read this again or anything else by this author. I don't care how loved he is I will use his books are fuel for a fire.
  3. Wuthering Heights in 10th grade
    Jesus Christ. That fucking butler/janitor whatever he was was never understandable. I get that's what made this more "believable" but my god I got a headache reading this and I averaged about 3 sentences per minute bc of this guy. Also unlike able character and I know that's why it's so good but come on there has to be something to cling to other than that fucked up love story
  4. Beloved in 12th grade
    I did actually like this book. It was well written and I did enjoy the stream of consciousness writing that Toni Morrison used. It just wasn't interesting enough for me to keep reading when I was hampered down by the shit of other work I had to do plus college apps. I may pick this book up again soon. OH! I also had to do my randomly assigned IB presentation on this book and if you know what that is you'll know how fucked you are if you didn't read the book.