1. Waving to someone who I thought was waving at me but as waving at someone behind me
    Flashback to 6th grade orchestra: a girl in the violin section waved toward my direction in the cello section (I know I'm pretty cool for playing the cello) and naturally I waved back. Then she started mouthing words like I could understand and I emphatically mouthed back "WHAT" several times before I noticed her still mouthing words and I looked behind me to see her best friend mouthing words too. I don't think anyone noticed.
  2. The fart heard 'round the world
    Fourth grade field trip to fire house. Dead quiet as a fireman is telling us fire safety. My stomach rumbles and I stand up to go to the bathroom. But it's too late. It's coming. I fart in a silent room in the middle of a crowd of 40 fourth graders. I ran away as fast as possible.
  3. No good deed goes unpunished
    It's like the week after Halloween and it's a friends birthday. She tells me that as a birthday gift I should go to her party in my batman onesie and bc I'm a nice person I do that. At the party I spend 3 hours standing around awkwardly in a onesie while everyone thinks I've lost my mind and forgot that Halloween was the week before.
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    No explanation necessary
  5. Unrequited love
    One time I told a boy I liked him over AIM (ya know the instant messenger) and he never answered me
  6. I still use AIM
  7. Foot in mouth
    One time I asked my softball coach if he had paint in his hair or if he had grey hairs. It was 7am so I attribute it to delirium.
  8. Oompa Loompa fear
    In fourth grade I was deathly afraid of Oompa Loompas that when we finished the book Charlie and chocolate factory and we watched the movie my mom wrote a note to my teacher saying that I should go to the library while everyone else watched the movie. The embarrassing picture above was me attempting to get over that fear using the "become your enemy and thy shall love thy enemy" methodology