1. 😚💕 I'm a big kisser...kisses hello, kisses goodbye, smooching my kids' cheeks, and making out too, of course!
  2. 🐣🐣🐣 I call my kids my "ducklings". They follow me around without even realizing it, all talking (quacking) at once. I used to walk in curvy lines to see if they noticed they were walking in curvy lines too. But they didn't. And the look on the emoji's face is exactly theirs..."Huh?"
  3. 😌 This means I am proud. My breast feathers are fluttering. My kids, despite their sometimes beastly behavior, did something good.
  4. 👿 This means the opposite. And they are BUSTED.
  5. 😜 I'm pretty well mannered, but I have a pretty dirty mind.
  6. 🐻 When I look at mama bears...it's like looking in a mirror. I swear to God. It looks like me.
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  7. 👯 I wouldn't survive without my girlfriends. I can count on them in any way, on any day. They always come to my rescue. And I do the same for them. We are total girl power....and goofs.