It is changing. I am staring to be at an age of appreciation...I want to learn and grow and live outside a little box of the suburbs. I want to know more about the world. And still cuddle with my kids.
  1. When you're on the computer looking at boarding schools and a teacher calls at that moment, telling me she is taking the time to let me know what an outstanding job I have done raising that same child I wanted to send to boarding school. (True story)
  2. Going to Fathom Events with my mom and friends. Seeing magnificent cultural performances from around the world in yoga pants.
  3. Cold, rainy days. I absolutely LOVE THEM. I'll cancel everything and just watch tv and drink tea. Omg. I love it.
  4. A bottle of my grandma's perfume. My mom kept it. It is the weirdest feeling of happiness and sadness when I smell it. "Estee". Totally emotional.
  5. Being at Amy's house. Amy's bed.
  6. Mexican Food.
  7. New York City. I will live there one day. I will. Believe it.
  8. Sunday Dinner. We eat at the dinner table every night together, but Sunday is just different. I pray it has been drummed into my kids minds that Sunday Dinner is for family.
  9. When my kids stick up for each other. I'm an only child and I envy that so much. Even when they're all sticking up for one of them against me.
  10. Traveling.
  11. Looking back on how Brad and I did it all on our own. No one gave us a penny. We used to have Date Night rollerblading at the beach and then splitting spaghetti. We had milk crates for furniture. We both busted our butts, we saved, we got knocked down, we planned, we got back up. And we did it on our own. That makes me happy.
  12. Of course, the sound of my kids belly laughing together.
  13. Bon Jovi