My Top 10 Apps

Here's my top 10 applications so far in J-School—these are all free apps!
  1. Messenger
    You can call, message people without asking their numbers or email address. Unless they'll delete their accounts, you'll be able to contact them. It doesn't cost as long as you have wi-fi connections.
  2. Facebook
    It's now becoming our main media to check news story and comments, discussions about a topic or an event—it allows even faster delivery of stories with clear visuals and live streams.
  3. Instagram
    The app connects you to hundreds of communities and audience who shares their interests and locations. Just start searching with hashtags!
  4. Hyperlapse
    It's a practical app to get a dynamic/funny clips to build a shareable story. AND, you'll connect with bunch of audience on Instagram by using #hyperlapse. Just try it.
  5. Google Drive
    Oops!...I have to show my 500-word story to my editor in 5 mins! I only have my phone! This app is a saviour for the people like me. You can create, edit, share documents or upload photos and movies without going home.
  6. iMovie
    It allows you to import, gather, edit, voiceover your clips to build a video story quickly with a high quality.
  7. Vont - Text on Videos
    Want to add, style, move and show some texts on your video in the right spot without paying $3 ?? This app can be the right one for you—it has a fast importing/editing/exporting process. It's also easy to understand how to edit them.
  8. Video Rotate & Flip
    It allows you to rotate your video quickly. It's especially helpful when you come back with some clips shot horizontally via your phone, and find out that somehow your phone thought they're all vertical. iPhone is stubborn sometimes-and you'd need a quick help, like this app.
  9. Daily Yoga
    Seriously, staying in fit is one of the biggest challenge in our busy-moving journalist lives. You need to stretch your arms to relax, not for shooting a clip. It's one of those helping hands to go on and win the fight with your stress.
  10. Shazam
    I like this song, I feel like know this song, but who's the singer, what was the title?? You don't have to google the what-you-think-you-heard lyric anymore. You can turn this app on and point the microphone towards the that speaker in the shop. It also connect you to the artist's page and iTunes, all lyric at a glance.