1. Oversized shapeless sweaters
  2. The renewed hope that your favorite football will not disappoint you
  3. Decorative gourd season, mother fucker
  4. Sleeping with your windows ever so slightly cracjed
  5. Foilage
  6. Boot season: see you next year, ankles
  7. The one day a head you get to pretend to be someone whose life isn't in shambles
  8. A day dedicated solely to overeating
  9. You're not yet hibernating
  10. You're not sneezing because of your pollen overlord
  11. You're not sweating like a disgusting beast
  12. Tis the season of crockpots
  13. Lumberjack chic
  14. Your favorite stories are back on TV
  15. You fuck right off frizzy hair
  16. Bath and body works "leaves" candle
  17. You pick those goddamn apples, girl