Even though he's always talking to Diane, he only has eyes for you
  1. He pays special attention to details
    Special Agent Dale Cooper would always notice if you got a haircut or were wearing new lipstick, and he would always remember your birthday and anniversary
  2. He would bring you thoughtful souvenirs from strange locales
    Yes, Special Agent Dale Cooper travels a lot for work. But you best believe he would always bring you something you'd love to remind you that you're never far from his thoughts when he's away.
  3. He sees the beauty in everything
    Special Agent Dale Cooper would help you slow down and appreciate all that you have. Like Fir trees or a particularly good slice of pie. He gives himself a present every day, and would want you to do the same.
  4. He is full of surprises, but only the good kinds
    Special Agent Dale Cooper's delightfully strange quirks will keep your relationship from getting boring. Every day you'd learn something new about him.
  5. He's a great listener
    Special Agent Dale Cooper would take you out for malts and fries after your shitty day at work, because he cares about your troubles
  6. He would make sure that there was always good coffee at home, even if he wasn't there to wake you up with a cup.