Cause it's Friday and I need pizza.
  1. Sal's!
    Grumpy employees with delicious pizza.
  2. Vito's!
    I get pizza. Matt gets chicken in a box.
  3. Pizza Star!
    Greasy L-town pizza.
  4. Via Veneto!
    Post gym Norristown pizza with delicious water ice.
  5. V&S!
    I wasn't crazy about it when I lived in Levittown, but now I miss it.
  6. Grimaldi's!
    Real fucking Brooklyn pizza.
  7. Pica's!
    Tina Fey and my father in laws favorite. Their pepperoni is my THE BEST.
  8. Colonial Kitchen!
    Acceptable Lansdowne pizza. I miss eating it in Matt's basement.