So we're talking the last 30 years or so. Accompanying reasons why I like them are most certainly only of interest to me.
  1. Chris Sabo
    Wore cool glasses and looked like a math teacher. Plus, I saw him walking down a sidewalk in Cincy earlier this year, all alone.
  2. Roberto Kelly
    In middle school he tossed a ball up to me and my friends during batting practice.
  3. Sean Casey
    Always talking, always smiling.
  4. Jason Larue
  5. Paul O'Neill
    My brother loved him and got his autograph once. So, I liked him too.
  6. Barry Larkin
    Greatest shortstop. Such a great Red.
  7. Joey Votto
    Oh Canada! Thank you for this gift of a man/baseball player. Also, he now wears #tightpants.
  8. Brandon Phillips
    Met him once, feel like we could be friends in real life.
  9. Johnny Gomes
    Loved the way he played! Plus, my nephew and I were at his bobblehead game, a day before they traded him. Oof!
  10. Johnny Cueto
    First time I've been legitimately sad to see a player traded. Was a treat to watch him pitch in person.
  11. Bronson Arroyo
    My niece still loves Bronson. Gotta be the hair.
  12. Jose Rijo
    Smiley, happy, fun to watch.
  13. Ramon Hernandez
    I was at a game when he hit a walk-off home run so I will never forget him.
  14. Jay Bruce
    Because he once had "I'm on a Boat" as his up-to-bat song. Fan for life.
  15. Eddie Taubensee
    A great catcher!
  16. Bo Diaz
    My friend named his dog after him when we were kids.
  17. Adam Dunn
    Left field, #44. Had "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger as his up-to-bat song, which always reminded me of my brother.
  18. Ken Griffey Jr.
    It was so nice to have him as a Red. Wish his quad or hamstring had cooperated a little more.
  19. Billy Hamilton
    I was at the game when he recorded his first major league steal. It was electric and he sure is fast.
  20. Reggie Sanders
    Consistent and reliable. Easy to like.
  21. Chris Heisey
    Once I was at a game with my nephew and I called a Heisey home run. Scored major cool points.