I took a half day off work to beat the impending snow and now I am home, watching it fall. So here's how I think this will go down:
  1. I will begin a craft/art project.
    But I will not complete it because this won't be enough time stuck in the house (1-3 inches of snow won't keep me down for long). And then I will resent this incomplete project every time I see it and will most probably never finish it.
  2. I will watch Pride and Prejudice.
    Happening right now.
  3. I will start a load of laundry.
    Actually, already started it! Sweaters don't wash themselves!!
  4. I will read 2-3 books.
    On the docket: books 2 and 3 of Princess Academy (YA introduced to me by my sister-in-law) and The Circle by Dave Eggers.
  5. I will spend too much time making a useless spotify playlist with songs about snow.
    Or by the artist Snow.
  6. I will get crazy and cook something from my freezer stash.
    Tacos, perhaps?
  7. This is going to be awesome.