Summer, winter, doesn't matter, I love 'em all
  1. Rulon Gardner
  2. Kerri Strug/Chris Kattan's Kippie Strug on SNL
  3. Sale/Pelletier
  4. Kerrigan/Harding
  5. Opening and closing ceremonies
  6. Countries you've never heard of before
  7. Thrill of victory, agony of defeat
  8. Bob costas' eye infection
  9. Michael Phelps dominance
  10. Bonnie Blair
  11. Apolo Anton Ohno, Misty May, Nastia Luken and appearing on DWTS
  12. Dream Team
  13. Athletes crying on the podium while the National Anthem plays
  14. Caring about curling or rowing or biathlon
  15. Loved Jacques Rogue, not sure about the new guy, wish him the best
  16. Chinese badminton cheating scandal