I have a weird brain that refuses to retain certain things.
  1. Any historical person with numbers behind their name
    Charles the third? Pope John the whatever? Any of the Richard's? Sorry, not happening.
  2. The order or number of U.S. Presidents
  3. Names of hiking trails
    I can remember specific things like trees or waterfalls, but not the name.
  4. The year of specific events
    It drives me crazy when I try to match events with the year they occurred in. I've started a note on my phone to try to help with this one.
  5. Names of kids on the 9 upward teams I've coached
    In the moment you're like "these kids are incredible and there's no way I will ever forget their names!" And yet I find a picture from 2006 and I remember NO ONE.
  6. The ages of my best friends' kids
    Not proud. I use the barometer of my niece and nephew and work from there to come up with an approximate age.
  7. Books I've read
    It's why I now keep an annual list.
  8. The year someone died
    Tough with my own family, even tougher with church people, friend's family members, national figures.
  9. Wars and their corresponding years
    Also can't remember the winners/losers
  10. Scores of any sporting event
    My brother remembers scores from pretty much every game he's ever played in. I remember NONE. And my high school basketball team won a state championship!