Always a bridesmaid (nine times so far!), never a bride. Here are the weddings and my personal highlights.
  1. Mel and Jamey
    Freshman year roommate. Color: fuchsia. Someone sang that shania twain song.
  2. Daniel and Emily
    Brother and sister-in-law. Olive green dresses. My favorite wedding hair of all the wedding hair.
  3. Carrie and Andy
    We didn't wear shoes and I didn't eat anything at their reception.
  4. Summer and Scott
    I helped iron summer's dress mere hours before the wedding. I also drove them to the reception in my Geo Prism, Ruby. They are now divorced.
  5. David and Stephanie
    Houston in July. David passed out at the altar. He will never live this down.
  6. Amy and Jason
    Right after I returned from Peru. Held in her grandparents yard.
  7. Charlotte and Troy
    My favorite bridesmaid dress (black two-piece). Ceremony performed by a pastor who is now a convicted criminal!
  8. Tara and Brandon
    January. Probably the fastest ceremony/reception.
  9. Amy and Josh
    Candy bar and karaoke at the reception!!