Choices for 30 day challenges
  1. Write everyday towards a purpose
    At Least 1,000 words a day
  2. Exercise routine for 30 days
    Sit ups, lunges, squats
  3. Stay off social media for 30 days
  4. Meditate for 15 min everyday
  5. Wear my hair down for 30 days
  6. Go gluten free for 30 days
  7. No Diet Coke for 30 days
  8. Mediterranean diet
    Fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts. Replace butter with olive oil. Fish and eggs, lean meat in moderation. Yogurt and cheeses. Tea, water, coffee
  9. Watch a new documentary or movie everyday for 30 days
  10. No fast food for 30 days
    There has to be a waiter taking my order
  11. Duolingo 30 days for Italian
    Spend at least 30 min a day completing challenges
  12. Write a letter everyday for 30 days
    Send to everyone at the end of the month
  13. Learn a new word everyday
    30 new words
  14. List what I've done for 30 days