1. My home town started out being called Canoga Park, later it was found to actually be within the boundaries of Woodland Hills—a tonier address. Our addresses were changed immediately.
    I've always assumed that Canoga Falls, the name of the fictional town in the fictional soap opera, As the Stomach Turns, on the Carol Burnett show was taken from the real town of Canoga Park in the Valley. Canoga Falls also surfaced on an episode of Hot in Cleveland where Carol Burnett plays Victoria's mom.
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  2. When last I counted, the town of Canby, Oregon — population 16,000 — had over 25 churches.
    The synagogue we'd occasionally attend rented space in a church...
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  3. This sculpture or whatever it is, in the heart of my hometown Albertslund
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  4. We have sideshow characters such as The Weeper, who is a man who is known to show up to random funerals in the area and cry
    Newburyport, MA
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  5. Lovin' life at the corner of Whiskey Rd and Easy St! 😎
    In Aiken, SC
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  6. My high school has a ship name
    Alvirne is a contraction of Albert and Virginia, the married couple who donated the money to build the school. (Hudson, NH.)
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  7. Vulcan's Butt
    A statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and forge, stands on the highest point in Birmingham and looks across the city from atop Red Mountain. His bare ass, however, shines over the adjacent suburb of Homewood prompting locals to joke about it being the only town in America with two moons visible in the night sky. The statue is 56 feet tall and stands on a 125+ foot pedestal making it one of the most visible places in the area.
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  8. There are 2 so called mountains in my hometown. They are both man made. One is 35 meters tall and the other is 67 meters tall. Not really mountain size, but nonetheless we call them both mountains in this pancake flat country 🙈
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  9. Static
    In Scranton PA they decorate a huge chunk of coal with a Santa hat at Xmas time 🙄
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  10. Giphy
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  11. For years we claimed to have had the world largest pecan, but that title belonged to another city in Kansas I believe. A couple of years ago we rebuilt our "largest pecan" to regain the title. I don't even know where they put it though if I'm being completely honest.
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  12. The name describes the town.
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  13. The story I always heard abt my hometown of Washburn is that some guys from my town went to Bayfield, broke into the county offices & stole the records. They brought them back to Washburn & claimed the county seat. To this day Washburn IS the county seat, even though the county's named aftr Bayfield. Bayfield's courthouse is now a national park HQ.
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  14. It was originally named Burrville, Tenn., after Aaron but was renamed after that whole duel sitch. Now it's Clinton. Sadly not after THOSE Clintons.
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  15. Mentor, OH. No one agrees on how it should be pronounced.
    To me, it's Men-ner, as it is to some other residents, while the media and other residents say men-ter. Outsiders pronounce it Men-tore, so imagine the confusion I moved and tried to tell the kids in my class the name of my hometown.
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  16. Allegedly, 3 days BEFORE the Boston Tea Party, Newburyport, MA held one of their own in Market Square.
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  17. On a January night in 1961, a U.S. Air Force bomber broke in half while flying over eastern North Carolina. From the belly of the B-52 fell two bombs -- two nuclear bombs that hit the ground near the city of Goldsboro.
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  18. Evergreen, CO 🌲🌲
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  19. 'Pudsey where t'ducks fly backwards t'keep muck out they eyes'
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  20. @john is from there. As such, the lyrics to "No Such Thing" run through my mind every time I'm home and drive by the local high school.
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  21. Medical Lake was named so for the medicinal properties the natives believed it had. Then when settlers came in, they obviously tried to profit off of that idea and started selling the Lake water/tainting it and completely depleted the mineral deposits. Years later sewage/medical waste from the local mental hospital and housing seeped into the lake.
    Bonus points: there was the mental hospital and the "monkey farm" which is an abandoned building where they did HIV testing on monkeys and it looks like everyone went home one day from work and just never came back....now it's a lovely little town with a clean lake. The monkey farm building is still there and the mental institution is still up and running.
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