Get the latest version of for iOS here:
  1. We're excited about this new feature in the latest version of for iOS.
    This is us right now: 😄🎉🎊💃✨
  2. You can now quickly switch between multiple accounts with a single tap!
    You'll also see notifications for all your accounts at a single glance. Woot woot!
  3. No longer will you have to log out of your personal account, then log into your crafts-based fabric store account, then out of your crafts-based fabric store account and back into your personal account again...
    The struggle *was* real, but not anymore.
  4. Once you have the latest version, long-press the profile button at the bottom right and voila!
    Pretty sweet, right?!
  5. We're looking forward to seeing how y'all get creative with the ability to easily run multiple accounts.
    Please be sure to check our Community Guidelines ( to ensure a safe, authentic, and positive environment.
  6. Happy li.sting!
    - The team