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  1. You love making products users love.
    So do we! Please send links to several beautiful apps you've worked on, preferably at least one or two you've built from scratch.
  2. Your knowledge of the front-end world is deep...
    You know the difference between the DOM, the shadow DOM, and the virtual DOM. Can easily rattle off the trade-offs between inline styles and CSS Modules, between Browserify and webpack, and the differences between arrow functions and function expressions, for example.
  3. You also understands some of the world outside the browser...
    How the broader web works, constraints that drive API design, etc.
  4. Jumping into the server code or the mobile client code to investigate issues does not frighten you.
    In fact, it kind of excites you!
  5. You're comfortable with exploring ideas in code and iterating rapidly on a rough sketch.
  6. You're excited about being the primary developer of a large, modern web app built with modern technologies like ES2015, Redux, and React.
    That's a pretty dope gig, no?
  7. And finally: you have good taste.
    If that's you, drop a line: