1. Couple-a-coconuts
    @jackantonoff went through his rider and enlightened everyone by sharing his coconut knowledge: My Rider
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  3. Pornhub Playlists
    @summeranne is currently seeking funding for any one of her brilliant app ideas. @bjnovak seemed into the second one: Startup/app Ideas I've Had Inspired by My Obsessive Romantic Nature
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  5. A Hugh Morris Performance
    @jakebrandman's expertise of bizarre wrestling names is second to none. "M.I. Smooth" was a crowd favorite: BEST HORRIFIC WORDPLAY IN PRO WRESTLING NOMENCLATURE
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  7. "The last time I was on stage was my high school graduation" - @shanaz
    She drove all the way from the Cape to share the list of toys she's hidden from her son... and brought them all with her! All The Toys I've Hidden Away From My Kid
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  9. "Gerard Butler is *always* in extreme close ups" -@sondrelerche
    Sondre saved everyone 2 hours of their lives by recounting an abbreviated version of the "Major Motion Picture 'London Has Fallen'" HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE 'LONDON HAS FALLEN'
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  11. @olive gets an idea...
  12. @bjnovak looks intrigued
  13. The point of no return
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  15. The man, the myth, the crafts store
    @joannfabrics sent their social media manager to share the gift of knitting: JO-ANN'S SUGGESTIONS FOR FUN THINGS TO KNIT
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  17. @richardcurtis explained how and why he crucified his son
    For the record, it was with duct tape: 7 UNUSUAL WAYS PEOPLE HAVE RAISED MONEY FOR RED NOSE DAY
  18. Chunky Ryan Gosling made an appearance
    "You know how roadies sleep with the girls the band doesn't want? You could do that with Ryan Gosling, 'I didn't sleep with Ryan but I did sleep with a bloke who looked like a Chunky Gosling'" -@richardcurtis giving career advice to @Nicholas
  19. "Yes, Jane, party of three, I agree this is unfortunate, but I am not in a position to hand out free Blooming Onions."
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