I Can't Be The Only One Who...

Volume II
  1. Changes their twitter bio more than they tweet.
    Suggested by   @jeremysomething
  2. Never wears matching socks.
    Suggested by   @elmospimpingme
  3. Turns down the music to parallel park
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  4. Got a traffic ticket before I got a driver's license.
    Suggested by   @pili_ervin
  5. Loves carrots but hates carrot soup, hates peas but loves pea soup.
    Suggested by   @kiraandlulu
  6. Hangs up all my T-Shirts.
    I refuse to waste precious hours of my life folding T-Shirts.
    Suggested by   @supabg
  7. Goes on Petfinder.com just to window shop
    Suggested by   @jannychan
  8. Totally eavesdrops on people who talk on the bus
    Suggested by   @billnye
  9. Throws salt over my right shoulder when I spill it
    Suggested by   @DanielaM
  10. Thinks that the music of their childhood was GARBAGE!!! [SORRY NOT SORRY! 90s music is/was awful!!!!]
    Suggested by   @ripnclebass
  11. Opens my mouth wide when putting on mascara.
    Suggested by   @KUrbangirl13
  12. Taps the top of the soda can before opening to make sure it doesn't explode
    Suggested by   @supercommonname
  13. Orders three of the same thing in different sizes or colors, from Nordstrom.com, (because it's free shipping both ways!), to save myself from having to drive to the mall.
    Suggested by   @cvlop61
  14. Checks and updates social media in the shower.
    Surely not... ahhh, anyone?!... 😬
    Suggested by   @jesszaffino
  15. Has library cards for two different cities so I can see which system has less holds and get the book/ebook/audiobook/CD/DVD I want faster
    Suggested by   @shash
  16. Dry my toothbrush with a towel after each use
    Suggested by   @wordytime
  17. Taps on the window or windshield when I go through a yellow light to avoid being stopped by a policeman.
    Suggested by   @robbiebaird47
  18. Irons socks and underwater
    Suggested by   @cmschoder
  19. Wears a Hoodie at the movies
    I'm afraid of lice!!😂
    Suggested by   @missymagmia
  20. Compulsively checks the mailbox (did the letter get stuck?!)
    Suggested by   @lorimcs
  21. Won't open or hang up a Calendar for the new year until Jan 1st.
    Suggested by   @kaelliope
  22. Tries to fall asleep while scrolling through @list
    Which only leads to me staying up for another hour
    Suggested by   @nicolefunaro
  23. Sucks the toothpaste out of the tube instead of putting it on my toothbrush.
    Suggested by   @bwlange
  24. Brushes their teeth once a day. 😬
    I'm in a rush in the AM and will just mess it up w/ coffee immediately. Why bother? I just do it before bed, and chew gum throughout the day as needed.
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  25. Brushes their teeth for longer when someone else is around to show that you have better hygeine.
    Suggested by   @boba
  26. Checks for app updates before they get out of bed.
    Suggested by   @Jasonology
  27. Puts headphones in with no music playing while shopping so no one will bother me.
    Suggested by   @michellejennifer
  28. Runs out of shampoo before running out of conditioner.
    Suggested by   @theshome
  29. flies to visit my mom and brings my laundry.
    Suggested by   @stacymichelle
  30. Won't throw my stale chewing gum on the ground when I'm running for fear of BAD GUM KARMA(stepping in a wad of it and dragging it on my rugs).
    Suggested by   @curlygirl
  31. Always tell people I pay less on things than I actually do.
    Don't know if I feel guilty or scared they'll judge my spending habits.
    Suggested by   @cmschoder
  32. Alphabetises her spice rack.
    Suggested by   @katya
  33. Cleans before the cleaning lady comes.
    Suggested by   @cmschoder
  34. Has gotten the large print version of a book so that I don't have to wait as long for it at the library.
    Reminded of this by similar item from @shash
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  35. Says something under my breath whenever I hear sirens
    Mine is the very selfish "hope it's nobody I know".
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  36. Apologizes to their stuffed animal when they accidentally fling them off the bed with their blanket
    Suggested by   @sky
  37. Pretends to talk to someone on my phone when leaving a store so I don't get approached by solicitors
    Suggested by   @beth915
  38. Always look to see if the diamond in my wedding ring is still intact
    when vacuuming and hear that clunk like it just sucked up a rock.
    Suggested by   @angela3950