1. "F*ck you, Roger Goodell. You Ugly. You U-G-L-Y ugly. You ugly, and you your daddy's son."
    As chanted by a pack of college girls immediately after the win on my New England campus
    Suggested by @allisonlantagne
  2. "Can we have nachos and those hot dog things and like a party even tho we don't watch football?"
    By my children...
    Suggested by @kaelliope
  3. "Berkeley is amazing because like... literally nobody cares about the super bowl. They might care about a soup bowl though... do you want to get soup??"
    Suggested by @charlisuitcase
  4. "I'm not superstitious, but I'm actually not leaving my spot until the Falcons win." Sometime later, "Who the F*ck moved?!"
    Suggested by @GramsMadison
  5. Was there some kind of sporting event on over the weekend in the US...?
    Suggested by @jpbateson
  6. "Is it cool if we watch some more Curb Your Enthusiasm?"
    Said by me to my lady.
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo