The Last Photo On Your Camera Roll, Explained

Be honest, no curating.
  1. I don't need to explain this
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  2. I had to remind myself this existed
    Suggested by   @angusisley
  3. Suggested by   @kpeter
  4. It's my GodDaughter's birthday, so I made this collage for instagram.
    Didn't curate. Because curating is like lying.
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  5. I take pics of sayings on my tea bags I relate to and this was this morning's quote.
    Suggested by   @trev_scott
  6. Home made pizza for dinner last night.
    And when I say 'home made' I should disclose that I bought the dough, ready to roll.
    Suggested by   @jpbateson
  7. My mother making food into art or a secret code or something
    Suggested by   @jannychan
  8. Went skiing yesterday
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  9. Suggested by   @steph_lessthan3
  10. FUCKING Facebook being drunk af as it suggested me to like Trump page after I liked JLD emotional speech at the SAG Awards
    Well at least the Women's march was close
    Suggested by   @Lisa_Fav
  11. Too cool for his Aunt! Didn't want to be in a photo with me.
    Suggested by   @jesszaffino
  12. An outtake from artsy photos a photographer friend took of my niece and nephew
    Suggested by   @KikiHines
  13. Kids at the park after school.
    Suggested by   @DG
  14. This morning's walk around the frozen pond.
    Suggested by   @andersun
  15. An incredible hymn about inclusion we sang at church this week.
    Suggested by   @jccallist
  16. Oh god.... I tried to slyly take a picture of my hot TA to show my friends🙈
    why am I like this???????? (....Okay but for real this picture doesn't even do him justice he is so hot)
    Suggested by   @tiupps
  17. My most recent work is called "Late Night Contemplation of Shoe Purchase"
    Suggested by   @roche
  18. A picture I sent to my daughter today showing her what I did at work today.
    Suggested by   @mkell30
  19. Working on that insta flow...
    Suggested by   @katherinelee
  20. Took this as I left for work this morning
    Suggested by   @jb_piper
  21. Unmmmm.. I got my leather pants back from the repair shop
    ...and I had to show @Lisa_Fav so this photo was taken.
    Suggested by   @jeremysomething
  22. Just returned from a bike ride with two doofus. Doofi?
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  23. Any time a Trump supporter/ twitter egg opens their mouth
    Suggested by   @tatertotfreak
  24. This screen-set I sent to @MelissaIsCool when she was waiting for 'Closing Time' at the club so she could complete her "Party Mom" duties.
    Suggested by   @GramsMadison
  25. Used this gif in a list describing my personality. It's accurate.
    Suggested by   @joemurphy
  26. My access code had the president's name in it
    Suggested by   @mackenzieo
  27. There was a tiny bit of snow on the ground this morning!
    Suggested by   @macnchz
  28. Showing my college daughter what sororities were like in the '80's
    Suggested by   @nbwilli
  29. 🎶 RING THE ALARM 🎶
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  30. From a BuzzFeed article about the emperor's new groove. A wonderful reminder that grammar and word choice is important.
    Suggested by   @sarahbelle6
  31. My dinner! Octopus furikake rice bowl from Greenpoint Fish and Lobster. Was 👌🏻.
    Suggested by   @kswholmes
  32. recently painted this. i stared at an instagram draft of it for about an hour before realizing i had zero caption ideas.
    Suggested by   @ladygoggog
  33. Just sent my mom this screenshot from my Twitter and said her dream could be coming true.
    Suggested by   @MissJess
  34. My dog's big yawn as my husband attempts a nap 😴
    Suggested by   @lrcolleran
  35. Explains itself
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  36. "Hump a cactus" is my new favourite insult — sadly I'm a nice Christian girl so probably shouldn't use it but all the rest of you should!
    Suggested by   @bookishclaire
  37. The most anticipated cinematic event of 2017
    Suggested by   @TheSteve
  38. Honestly, do you even want an explanation anymore...
    Suggested by   @marymurphy
  39. I was cleaning water tanks at work today and turned around to see these goons watching me
    Suggested by   @marrypotter
  40. A saved Snapchat of me frequenting the taqueria near my house for the third time in three days
    Suggested by   @michellejennifer
  41. I went for my Global Entry interview today and the customs agent told me to read the paper taped to the counter and remember it. Because my memory is unreliable I asked permission and then took a picture of it.
    The interview took about 5 minutes after waiting 6 months for an appointment!
    Suggested by   @Heartsounds
  42. But he always has a wiseass comment
    Suggested by   @cmschoder
  43. My pup, Bill Murray, after his bath.
    A clean Murray isn't usually a happy Murray.
    Suggested by   @heatherdawes
  44. My life, a thrill a minute!
    Suggested by   @pathb
  45. ummmmmmm look I can explain this but also I don't want to.
    Suggested by   @nelle
  46. my MapMyFitness stats I sent to a school buddy
    short walks are to/from... didn't want them to count as part of workout but wanted to see milage 🤓🚶🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
    Suggested by   @victralala
  47. screenshot because i sure as hell need this when i'm buying avocadoes
    Suggested by   @kaelephant
  48. Last Book I Read
    I was interested in what the hell is happening the Middle East. This is an OKish book on the foundation of the spilt.
    Suggested by   @ridwan
  49. Today's insta from Honolulu
    Suggested by   @justjills
  50. Sunday afternoon at the planetarium
    Suggested by   @solena
  51. self-explained
    Suggested by   @kelseygibbons
  52. I took a hike. This was one of two pictures I was considering putting on Instagram of it. ☀️⛰✨🌼✌️👟
    Suggested by   @Grosstastic
  53. Had to send this to a friend who read the book and loves Viola.
    Suggested by   @emtwids
  54. Me and Mandy at the Women's March for my state. I don't take many photos.
    Suggested by   @gayla
  55. this encapsulates my feeling re: theresa may ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Suggested by   @aprylhm
  56. Make this cool again
    I bought this picture at a charity shop and want to ask the artists of Reddit for inspiration to "modernise" it.
    Suggested by   @aidjay
  57. Had return some lighting equipment at work, took a picture to remember the adress when I called GLS to pick it up. Bonusinfo: That Cityname is not a joke 💨
    Suggested by   @DanielaM
  58. I need to record this for PE so I screenshotted to remind myself, sorry it's not more interesting.
    Suggested by   @shadowman
  59. Pug named Lulu
    Suggested by   @kiraandlulu
  60. Screenshot of Jay Versace bc of course
    Suggested by   @marykathryn
  61. Photo to my sibling to let them know I have found the hottest noodles ever from the YouTube videos and should I get them to torture us?
    Suggested by   @DawnCloud
  62. Laughed too hard at "Ankle Biters" and "Sissies" yesterday
    Suggested by   @natcorbs
  63. Saved this AM because I love an infographic full of real, legitimate, nonalt facts!
    Suggested by   @sarahtee93
  64. Sent to a friend who teases me because I am awkward and cannot flirt. She also teases me because I have a tendency to look intensely at people when they are talking. She calls it my unblinking stare. I also tend to just people watch or stare off into space, sometimes unintentionally at someone. I'm too introverted to approach anyone. So, this definitely fit! I knew she'd find the humor in it. She is almost as bad. We are both INFJ personality types.
    Suggested by   @holly70
  65. Someone remind me to buy these shoes from Urban Outfitters lol
    I'm going through a phase okay!!
    Suggested by   @jacqueline
  66. Flow Free Bridges
    I complete a level in however many moves it takes, then screenshot it so I can redo it perfectly and get that coveted ⭐️. That's not cheating. I did the work. I'm only copying off myself. (Shut up.)
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  67. Talking about our interactions with the people we like
    Suggested by   @jetfuelliz
  68. I think many of us on @list would love to see this happen
    Suggested by   @nicolefunaro
  69. I really don't think this needs an explanation.
    Suggested by   @supabg
  70. This morning's sunrise from my window.
    Suggested by   @gabimoskowitz
  71. Waiting at the car dealership. 2.5 hrs, $1000 problem.
    Suggested by   @ashleyanwiler
  72. Water in our irrigation ditch
    We are so thankful for the wet weather in CA! This is the first time, in my lifetime, that we've had irrigation water in January.
    Suggested by   @krissybell76
  73. Instagrammed this one with the caption "my bitch face never rests".
    Suggested by   @donoval
  74. Our good friend @DrPinho
    Suggested by   @Waz
  75. @ashhh's snapchat is just made of gold
    Suggested by   @finesse
  76. If you've ever wondered what happens when you combine Meitu and Prisma, wonder no longer.
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  77. From Instagram
    Wondering if I could make this happen in my master bath...on a non-existent budget.
    Suggested by   @julieann718
  78. I'm a senior in college and I played with PlayDoh in lab today. That's supposed to be a mechanosensory neuron in C. Elegans. 👩🏼‍🔬
    Suggested by   @alyherb
  79. Gremlin
    Took a screenshot of the hilarious cat my friend rescued
    Suggested by   @stephmaxw
  80. Stranger Things in peak Stranger Things form
    Suggested by   @allysonarno
  81. My Keurig died yesterday and I wanted a photo to remind me of the six great years we had together.
    Suggested by   @fahlenjen
  82. This screenshot from twitter because I want to check out these books! 📚
    Suggested by   @lexie_elyse
  83. He's sick. Midmorning.
    Suggested by   @MaddyandOwensMom
  84. My new swag af toilet that just got installed.
    Too bad I'm barely here to enjoy it.
    Suggested by   @element75
  85. I got tickets for my niece for Christmas to fly to go see her favorite band. For weeks she thought that I totally forgot her Christmas gift and I think was a little bit mad.... until now😊🎸 I'm such a cool aunt😋( posted on Facebook by her mom).
    Suggested by   @cmschoder
  86. I actually found this stash at Capitol Hill Books and really wanted to show @LizDawson Thankfully this list was here so I could.
    The red solo cups were stashed in the other corner. Those people know how to party. Yeah that half torn sign says "that doesn't go here",it's in the irony section.
    Suggested by   @jaidub
  87. What I'm going to make for the super bowl 🙌
    Suggested by   @Nikki
  88. A recipe I want to try. ❤️
    Suggested by   @solitarygigi
  89. Chris Thile talks a lot about wanting to move back to New York City and his wife posted this picture on their way moving to Brooklyn and I'm happy for him. Side note: I was and am listening to his band "Punch Brothers" when I saw this.
    Suggested by   @audreypalumbo
  90. Found this in a very messy cabinet full of microscope slides. I am seriously hoping this is the name of a stain. 😩
    Suggested by   @e
  91. Recipe to try sent to me from @cvlop61
    To use with the harissa paste I got from my Secret Santa @nelle 😘
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  92. My gf's little Savannah..she sent this to me this afternoon and I saved it! Made my day♥️
    Suggested by   @cvlop61
  93. Into mid-century modern design. Saved this from Tumblr. The tile is what caught my eye.
    Suggested by   @toddde
  94. The "Holy Grail"
    A Grace Bible College tradition where the boys steal this painting from the girls and the girls steal it for the guys 🙌🏼😁
    Suggested by   @bwlange
  95. I took a trip to Coney Island last month in blizzard like conditions to try and get some good photos. It was so cold I didn't put in much effort.
    Suggested by   @beckwiththebadhair
  96. international superstar kris wu looking at vin diesel 哥 in admiration. sent to a friend who needed proof that kris acted in xXx
    Suggested by   @dhinokan
  97. The official date of the March for Science was announced today, and I saved the photo so I don't forget.
    Suggested by   @bonesorclams
  98. The signs say "USED FOR CLEANING LEGS ONLY PLEASE." I'm glad there were signs in this restroom because I had no idea what these were. They're where I'd expect urinals. This was at a Muslim educational center, where I went to a huge multicultural meeting tonight, about the "travel ban" and how to protect religious freedom.
    I'm still unclear exactly what these are or when you'd need to clean your legs. Also, there were things in the toilet stall I've never seen before. a handheld shower head thing. I dunno.
    Suggested by   @pili_ervin
  99. My nana's friend wished me happy birthday on fb with out tagging me or posting it on my page. I sent this to my mom just to make sure she agreed this was def for me.
    Suggested by   @applesarahgate