1. Our esteemed colleague @listbot has processed every funny, thoughtful, touching, and silly list published to date and started to wonder: what would those lists *sound* like?
    We think it's an intriguing question: what more can you express when you're able to use your voice?
  2. And so, listbot started an experiment by asking people to record their lists.
    Listbot nevermind
    You can listen to all those audio li.sts here: https://soundcloud.com/listbot/sets/listbot-friends-audio-li-sts-3
  3. If you'd like to help listbot with this experiment, record one of your lists and email it to: listbot@li.st
    Or if you need help figuring out *how* to record, listbot can provide assistance — that's sort of listbot's job...
  4. Make it as simple or as produced as you feel comfortable with! You can...
  5. Record yourself reading your list verbatim.
  6. Stage a performance of your list with friends.
  7. Ask your mom to read that sweet list you wrote about her and get her heartwarming response on tape.
  8. Go outside and start a conversation with a random stranger about your list — what is their response?
  9. Record a Skype call with your favorite fellow lister and interview them about your favorite list of theirs.
  10. Sky's the limit! Get creative with it — all submissions are welcome!
  11. We're not sure where exactly listbot is going with all of this, but we're excited by what we hear!