1. Share your favorite lists!!
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    Check out the "..." button at the bottom of every list and you'll see a variety of options for sharing. Any lists on a public account - be it a list you made or a list you read - is shareable to the world! Anyone without The List App can view the list online. (And yes, this means you can now copy list URLs and share them directly in The List App!)
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    You are the most creative, honest, brilliant, and hilarious group of writers we have ever come across and a review in The App Store would mean the world (and we can't wait to read them!) If you have a moment, please click here to rate & review: http://apple.co/1LOTmS5
  3. Be sure to delete the beta version of the app
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    Take a screenshot for nostalgia if you want, but having both apps on your phone could cause issues with your account.
  4. Thank you!!
    - The List App team