Albums That Changed My Life

  1. Nas- Illmatic
    Nasir Jones music opened my mind to entirely different world. Each word paints a picture of the despair and beauty within the projects. Crazy to think he was as young as he was when he wrote this album.
  2. Megadeth - Rust In Peace
    A flawless Metal record. Politically charged and technically proficient. Marty Friedman's solos are beyond words. The rhythms set a standard for the genre. I struggle to play any of the guitar parts on this album.
  3. Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
    I have always Josh Homme's QUOTSA in high regard. The diversity of this album is incredible. Take some of the greatest musicians and put them in the desert, magic is bound to happen. I was partying pretty hard when this album came out. Great album for a party and a hang over. Rare combination.
  4. Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever
    I bought this double vinyl at Newbury Comics on Newbury Street in Boston. Life changing. That squad can never be topped. Epic crew record. I can still remember the smells in the store. I distinctly remember a Seinfeld mug for sale at the counter. This album was high school to me. I can still feel the disc-man skipping in my car.
  5. Jeff Buckley - Grace
    This album cuts my soul. His voice is not of this earth. I found this much later in life and it came at the perfect time.
  6. The Cars - The Cars
    My dad was a blues lover but always played this in the house. Elliot Easton's guitar work is restrained yet extremely inventive. Pop music at it's finest.
  7. Devil's Night Out - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    The Plaid Boys of Boston. Hardcore mixed with Ska. I saw these guys a ton in my early teens. Incredible live performers. This album in lofi in all the best ways.
  8. Hysteria - Def Leppard
    I love Mutt Lange's glossy production. I vividly remember how huge this album was and lusted for the videos to play on MTV. Gods of War is the audio equivalent of a Bug budget Hollywood Blockbuster.
  9. Run DMC - Run DMC
    The best duo to ever do it. This album is genre bending greatness. Cause it's like that and that's the way it is.