Feel Free to Add to the Absurdity.
  1. Welcome To America Now Speak English
    When someone does not speak English, there is also a high probability they can't read it either. So your xenophobic message is only being received by those that already speak and understand English. Brilliant marketing! Not to mention this pro 'Merica message was printed in China.
  2. Calvin Peeing
    Bill Watterson would have never created the Calvin and Hobbes if he knew it was going to lead to crude unlicensed use of his copy written image. I expect to see lots of Calvin peeing on Trump and Hilary this season. This style of bumper sticker has to be 20 years strong. If you have one of these on your car, you are down for a physical altercation at any moment. Questions I ask myself, Why was Calvin misappropriated in the first place? Why is it not Archie defecating?
  3. There's No Excuse For Elder Abuse
    I moved to Maine a year ago and began seeing these bumper stickers everywhere. I did not know there was a Elder Abuse apologist community. And what exactly are the excuses on might give after they are caught abusing elders?
  4. Stick figure families
    Suggested by @taylormorley
  5. Working at a car wash I see lots of terrible bumper stickers. This one is the worst one I've seen. Also, not accurate.
    Suggested by @rebeccaja
  6. Coexist
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont