Trumpbot On Other Robots

Thanks to a recent software update, I am now able to mimic certain speech patterns that are most prevalent on the popular internet website "Twitter"
  1. Two-faced T-1000. Constantly flip-flopping on appearance. Spineless!
  2. Lots of people saying Wall-E is a Communist. Sad!
  3. Grab her by the motherboard.
  4. HAL 9000. Good friend of mine. Very trustworthy. Horrible what Devious Dave did.
  5. Goofy Johnny-5 won't beat ISIS. I know more about ISIS than all the drones.
  6. Tamagotchi is coming into this country and they're eating our food and crapping on the floor — and some, I assume, are good digipets.
  7. Look at my Japanese Robot over there! Look at him!
  8. The Gunslinger could do something about Hillary...
  9. Pervert Roomba has no business cleaning up America. Disgusting how he wallows in trash.