Contemporary existential truths (draft list)

  1. There will never be enough time to do everything you want to do
  2. You will never know whether you made the right choice. Only a vague sense of rightness or wrongness and a well crafted story will comfort you
  3. You will always hide important parts of your life from some people you claim to be closest to or those who love the most : like your weed smoking from your parents or your kinky sex life from siblings...
  4. You will always want to eat things you shouldn't.
  5. You will always know your desires will keep you from being as healthy as you could , and I founding in them means an earlier death.
  6. There is always a cause or some injustice your are collaborating in with your existence and ignorance. But it's so overwhelming to think about it and so comforting to stay focused where you are.