This list was created in order to describe all of the ways in which Darlene Valdez, or "Queen D" as she calls herself, should be hated.
  1. She calls herself Queen D
  2. She says, "I'm from Chicago, bitch" but she is really from 45 mins outside the city
  3. She thinks she's funny
  4. She touches little girls
  5. She has too many baby daddies
  6. Claims she's a virgin, yet has had two pregnancy scares
  7. Calls everyone a dumb bitch as if she's from the ghetto
  8. Says she's not going to go out after having three shots
  9. Hates herself the next morning and asks us why we let her go out
  10. Eats really slow
  11. Tries to predict everyone's future... As if this bitch knows