It's been a rough 2nd quarter. The quarterly report will reflect this. But I've got a game plan for the second half of 2016!
  1. Find a new career
    It'll be my second switch, but this gig isn't going anywhere, and it just doesn't do it for me on the day to day basis.
  2. Learn a new Spanish phrase each week
    I do this from time to time, but with no regularity or discipline, even though I enjoy the language.
  3. Catch up on GoT
    This will result in more conversations, but also less exercise and sunshine exposure. So vitamin D supps are part of this resolution.
  4. Start proofreading my lists
    Same goes for texts and emails. I've been relying too heavily on autocorrect, and it is becoming a source of miscommunication and confection.
  5. *confusion