I've done no legwork with any of these whatsoever; Furthermore, idk how much any of this would cost. It's just a list of some goods/services that I want available to me.
  1. Coin deposit machines at bank branches
    Instead of Coinstar's model of just charging its users percentage of the change they dump in the machine, a bank could instead, say, require that a % of the coins be deposited to the member's savings acct, thus increasing bank reserves and not really costing the member anything more than BOA's "Keep the Change" prgm does.
  2. Airport fitness rooms w/showers & lockers
    As a frequent flyer, I'd gladly pay for such a membership. Layovers are the worst, and sitting at the gate is no way to prepare to sit on a plane. I think, on the other hand, that if I could get at least a quick jog/cold shower in before boarding, I might just have a chance at achieving my very first in-flight nap.
  3. Delayed text messages.
    I want to be able to program a text message for a future date/time. I can see this feature being abused, of course, and I'd hate to be a victim of a 5am text sent autopilot by a friend that is still fast asleep, but if that's the cost of being able to wake up and start multiple conversations that I can tend to at appropriate times throughout the day, fine.
  4. Ninja Warrior Courses for Us
    Whenever I tune in to American Ninja Warrior, I can't help but wonder how long I've to wait until a smart billionaire starts building ANW parks, where regular folks can pay to try these really cool obstacle courses. I can't be the only one that'd get his wallet out for this.