Nothing like a good night's rest. Until
  1. I'm paralyzed
    Can't move. Someone might be trying to stab me.
  2. Can't speak
    Trying to scream. Can't produce a sound.
  3. 1&2
    Paralyzed and speechless. Sometimes when in having this dream, I realize that I'm asleep. I try to wake myself up but I can't. My eyes might open slightly enough for me to be aware of my actual surroundings, but I remain unable to interact with any of it.
  4. Someone I love dies
    Horrifying, but man is it a relief to wake up and feel like all your loved ones have risen from the grave!
  5. I'm a fugitive.
    But then I wake up a free man!
  6. Bad dreams have become important to me over the years. They help me be a little more thankful that things are really, really far from being even close to as bad as I can so vividly imagine.
    They pretty much make the whole morning feel like a miracle.