These seven days are not created equal
  1. Friday
    Nothin' but hope. It's a short workday, filled much with eager anticipation of tonight and tomorrow.
  2. Saturday
    A lot like Friday in that we know we can sleep in tomorrow. Less like it in that tomorrow is not Saturday.
  3. Wednesday
    It's the hump. All downhill from here.
  4. Thursday
    I'd have put this at the top of the list a few yrs ago when I lived in SoCal. Idk why but Thursdays seemed like a bigger deal there than elsewhere. It was either Comedy Night, Karaoke Night, or Trivia Night at all the bars that were worth visiting. It just seemed different than the other weekdays.
  5. Sunday
    It is technically part of our weekend, yes, but it belongs on the long end of the list because it is so lacking in the anticipation Dept. All I see ahead of me is chores and duties and all I end up wanting to do is nap. And I suck at napping.
  6. Monday
    I spent all of Sunday preparing for ya, Monday. I ain't afraid of you. Bring it on
  7. Tuesday
    Why is Monday not #7? Because Tuesday is just Monday tryin' act like it's sumpin' better. It's not. It's Monday all over again. By now we've forgotten last weekend and haven't figured out next weekend. It's like that trailer that comes out just a little too early. Sure ya know you're gonna see it, but it's so far off that you can't quite "taste" it yet. It's just a distant fantasy still, but it's still pretty much a guarantee. But you still know how crappy the long ass wait is gonna be.