Great action film fails

Recommendations are welcome
  1. Fragmentation grenades producing great towers of fire
    A grenade by itself will make a very loud bang and will send metal shrapnel flying through the air long enough to seriously hurt someone like fifty feet away from the blast. It's serious antipersonnel weaponry. It does not, however, typically level a large building, unless it's blast detonates something else inside the building (Like a room full of C-4). Meant for more vulnerable, non-armored targets. There isn't enough comp B in it to have the demolition power of just a handful of C-4.
  2. Massive recoil from a rocket launcher.
    Rocket launchers are not just big guns with explosive ammo. Such things do exist, but they have different names (see "artillery"). When a rocket deploys, it sends a stream of hot gas out behind it and is able to do so because the back of the launcher is wide open. anyone standing behind the rocket launched will either die or live disfigured as a result of the "backblast." That's our equal and opposite reaction. The rocketeer, thus, should not be knocked back from the blast, cuz no recoil.
  3. Punch sound effects
    Who decided that knuckles hitting a face sounds like a box of books being dropped on the floor? If you've actually seen a fight, you probably know that it pretty much sounds the same as a slap in the face.