I get strongly attached to playlists from time to time, and this manifests itself by my listening to like the same 5-6 songs every day, in the same exact order, multiple times a day while I drive from here to there and back again. These are my current jams:
  1. Young the Giant's Spotify Sessions
    More specifically, I cannot get enough of "Firelight," "It's about Time," "Mind over Matter," and their brilliant take on the Brown's "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World." I need these songs lately.
  2. Sam Smith's "Writing's on the Wall"
    This is just a ridiculous series of vocal riffs and melodies that words other than "sublime" do not give justice too. Maybe the greatest Bond theme in the history of them. Sorrynotsorry Sir MacCartney and/or whoever did "Goldfinger."
  3. Marvin Gaye's "I Heard it Through the Grapevine."
    I just rediscovered this today, and I think I listened to it about twenty times in the past five hours. This is what I have to do instead of psychotherapy sessions, or else I'd just lose it. This is the best, as is the Marvin Gaye Anthology in general. I am bad at picking favorites, but i can say that this will definitely be the Gaye song that I listen to most this week.
  4. Hozier's "Arsonist's Lullabye."
    I heard this on a great episode of Walking Dead, and I Shazaamed this shit before I ever heard the chorus. Bye, the chorus has since become my favorite part of the song, although the rest is more thanI need to feel right about the world. It's a darker song, lyrically at least, but Hozier's vocals are just so right for this song that it's hard to not appreciate.
  5. Hozier's "It Will Come Back."
    Probably the best original blues recordings that has been recorded in the past ten yrs, @least to my knowledge, and the next greatest before that would have to be Tracy Chapman's "Give me one Reason," which is good enough for a couple of decades I'm sure.
  6. Django Django's "First Light"
    This I just cannot get out of my head; I count the seconds between when I start my playlist and when this number comes up. What an awesome band too.