Overachieving Hotties

There is a certain level of outward physical beauty that I think makes other qualities far less necessary. These are some ladies that apparently didn't get the memo.
  1. Kate McKinnon
    She doesn't have to be funny. It's just a big +.
  2. Fey
    Who needs an intellect or a sense of humor with a face like that?? It frankly seems unfair to those girls that have to rely 100% on their brains.
  3. Desi Lydic
    It's like Taylor Swift grew up and got funnier and (somehow) cuter.
  4. Abby Jacobson
    She needs to hire a pro to surgically ruin her face and body, such that I can fully appreciate the greatness that is Broad City without being distracted by all the hotness.
  5. Cecile Strong
    SNL's resident hottie. No offense to the other legit foxes on the current cast (1 of which I've mentioned already).