I wanna
  1. Juggle things.
    Specifically, I want to keep at least three objects off the ground while only touching two of these objects at a time (hands only, of course). Witnesses present with iPhones handy.
  2. Roller blade down that hill that I skinned my knees on when I was nine.
    All the way. Nonstop. Like on that Disney Channel roller blading tv movie that inspired my original injury. Again, witnesses.
  3. Grab the check before my parents can.
    I've bought Mom lunch and dinner before, but I'm not sure how Pop is gonna handle it. I'll let him buy me a drink afterward so he can cope. I want video proof.
  4. Do a cleanse.
    I'm gonna do that one that requires me to describe the cleanse to everyone that will pretend to listen. "Lunch? Sure! Are you sure they'll have lemon wedges? Because you know, I'm doing this thing..."