Questions for black folk

I have a few questions that I'd like to direct toward our African-American listers.
  1. Is it ever appropriate/ok for me to employ a dark-skinned emoji ✋🏿?
    I just adore emojis💋. They are music to my eyes 🎶, and I want more of them‼️ I want an external keyboard for my laptop that consists only of emoji characters 🙏🙏. I just hate the thought of my emojis causing anybody any grief. Help😕
  2. Let's say I'm driving my car and my black friend is riding shotgun. I decide to turn on Outkast or some other rapper/rap group that I fancy. Also, I choose a song that I happen to know all of the words to; Also, song contains a word that begins with the letter "N." Is it okay if I sing along?
    I sing when I drive, but the only reason I should ever offend anyone is because I tried to reach a note that my chords aren't built for.
  3. May I ever ask you where you got your hair styled?
    I'm going to find out eventually...I just really crave the validation that accompanies a "yes" to the above question. Also, your hair simultaneously beguiles and inspires me, somehow, no matter what you do with it ;)
  4. Does it bother black dudes when white dudes hit on black girls??
    Like, sometimes I wanna lay it on thick, but I have a very irrational suspicion that every black guy in the room is her boyfriend, and he is just waiting for the first chance to knock my ass TF out.