Movies don't do it for me, with very few exceptions. The right song at the right time, however, may occasionally be cause for precipitation.
  1. "Sweet Afton" by Nickel Creek
    I think an instrumental version could even do the trick.
  2. "She's Leaving Home" by the Beatles
    When I hear this I see my mom crying when I left home. I also see my niece leaving my sister's house for college in another 11-12 yrs 😢
  3. "Annabel" by the Duhks
    I heard this at the end of an episode of "Hell on Wheels." It was the one in which Lily Bell, the faire-haired Maiden of the West, was taken from us.
  4. "Perfect Blue Buildings" by Counting Crows
    Idk, but I think it's a childhood thing. It reminds me of my big brothers, who introduced me to a lot of good albums in my early years. "August and Everything After" was one of these.