Songs that have made this man cry

Movies don't do it for me, with very few exceptions. The right song at the right time, however, may occasionally be cause for precipitation.
  1. "Sweet Afton" by Nickel Creek
    I think an instrumental version could even do the trick.
  2. "She's Leaving Home" by the Beatles
    When I hear this I see my mom crying when I left home. I also see my niece leaving my sister's house for college in another 11-12 yrs 😢
  3. "Annabel" by the Duhks
    I heard this at the end of an episode of "Hell on Wheels." It was the one in which Lily Bell, the faire-haired Maiden of the West, was taken from us.
  4. "Perfect Blue Buildings" by Counting Crows
    Idk, but I think it's a childhood thing. It reminds me of my big brothers, who introduced me to a lot of good albums in my early years. "August and Everything After" was one of these.